Nusantara I/C/T provides IT hardware supplies including but not limited to Intel server, workstation, and networking components that allow us to help you build, replace and upgrade hard drives, processors, and most other business-critical parts quickly. We also have the flexibility of providing hardware solutions from the most popular manufacturers.

We can also provide the software and licensing to add to your hardware solutions, including Windows 2008R2, Exchange 2010, SQL 2008 Server, and SharePoint, to name a few. No matter if it’s a server operating system, desktop operating system, or additional productivity software, our skilled staff will make sure it is installed and configured correctly. And if “off the shelf” software does not fit your specific needs, our software development team can help.

Upgrading hardware can be a costly affair, so it’s often easier to stick with your existing hardware. How many benefits, though, are you missing out on?

New hardware is continually being released, but there are two main reasons that organizations shy away from investing:

  • The initial costs are deemed too high when the current hardware can meet a certain level of performance
  • The downtime involved in installing new software is a significant turnoff due to the break-in productivity it can cause

However, aside from these necessary evils, upgrading your hardware can bring a wide range of benefits that your organization cannot ignore. 

  • Enhanced Performance

    New hardware will almost always be quicker and more productive than your existing hardware. Technology advances at such a rapid pace that external hard drives hold more storage space than ever, printers print more sheets per minute and servers can operate at much higher speeds. With this increase in productivity, your organization can achieve more and increase the time available to advance your operations even further.

  • Increased Security

    Cyber security is becoming more and more important, so it’s no surprise to find that it’s become a major selling point of new hardware. Not only is new hardware protected from all existing threats, hackers are unfamiliar with these new systems. Therefore, there’s less chance of them becoming vulnerable to security threats for a significant period of time. Additionally, support will be available for new hardware for much longer than your existing technology.

  • Downtime is Reduced

    While it’s true that installing new hardware results in a certain amount of downtime, new hardware will actually reduce your organization’s IT downtime in the long run. Older hardware becomes less reliable over time and this is why crashes on older systems can easily become commonplace. However, with hardware upgraded, you’ll soon discover how your downtime is reduced due to the increased reliability of your new hardware.

  • Better Communications

    Upgrading hardware can seriously boost your organization’s ability to communicate. Video conferencing software, for example, has now expanded into 4K technology and this not only looks fantastic, but also allows your organization to communicate clearly and professionally. And when it comes to communication technology, you want to be using the very best to engage with your staff and your customers.

  • Better Experience for your Employees

    Your employees want to be using the best technology as it makes their jobs easier and more productive. Say, for example, your network is prone to lags in speed, this is going to seriously frustrate your employees who are unable to connect to certain applications. However, with upgraded hardware you’re enhancing your employees’ experience. No longer is there any delay in completing tasks and, as a result, they can achieve more than ever in a timely manner.


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  • Laptop/Notebook

    Whether you’re looking for a laptop for work, school, gaming, or entertainment, you’ll find our top picks from the best laptop brands on the market: Apple, Dell, HP, Microsoft, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, and more.

  • Server

    Don’t settle for an off-the-shelf server that doesn’t meet your needs. We make it easy to custom build white box servers online, with expert technicians who will make sure you get all the capabilities you want at an unbeatable value. Plus, the peace of mind that comes with the industry’s best support.

  • Storage

    Choose from superior direct attached storage (DAS), networked attached storage (NAS), storage area network (SAN), just a bunch of drives (JBOD), storage servers, or software defined storage solutions.

  • Network Equipment

    Find business-class networking equipment by Cisco, Meraki, Ubiquiti, Ruckus, Aruba, etc. Here at Nusantara I/C/T, we take pride in providing enterprise-level IT services at prices that work for any business size.

  • UPS

    Protecting critical processes in commercial and industrial applications. Reduced breakdown of electrical equipment and longer plant life. Power outage prevention. Voltage stabilization. Flicker mitigation.

  • Server Racks

    Various sizes and parts are available according to different application demand. Embedded side panel, tool free in assembling and dismantling, lock is optional.



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We are honored to serve some of the finest companies in their IT needs. Among our customers, you will find recognizable worldwide firms as well as reputable local companies. Here are just a few.

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    Sit back, and let us handle all of your IT needs, from top-to-toe. Including software, hardware and related technology.

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