If your company suddenly encounters a network or server failure, your IT support company will instantly get an alert, notifying them that something is wrong. The IT support provider will then analyze and diagnose the problem, resolving it as quickly as possible. The goal here is to reduce your downtime to almost zero to not lose business when there is an IT crash. Another instance in which IT support companies cater to your immediate needs is when you call or email them with an IT question or general IT assistance. In such a case, your request is given a ticket number and appropriately prioritized in the helpdesk queue. As soon as a technician is available, he or she contacts you to provide direct assistance. Depending on the service necessary, the technician will either work remotely or send an on-site technician to your company location.

IT support companies also create an IT strategy for your company that works in tandem with your business strategy. IT managed services are not just about fixing tech stuff but are intelligent IT solutions to your current and future business needs. IT managed services aim to boost your business efficiency and productivity, giving you higher earnings and higher client satisfaction. Preventative planning also includes preemptive preparation to stop things from going wrong. For instance, IT support companies always offer data backup solutions (network backup, server backup, workstation backup) so that in the case of a failure, you won’t lose any valuable business information and can be back in action almost instantly.

And here we are, Nusantara I/C/T provides flexible and affordable IT Support Services to small and large businesses. As an elite IT Provider, we streamline your technology processes, improve productivity and simplify technology management. We manage the time-consuming tasks of IT Projects and Technology Management so you can focus on running your business and growing your bottom line.

  • Lower operational and labour costs

    It may seem to to be counter-intuitive but outsourcing your IT services can reduce overall costs. If this is executed properly you can reduce costs directly and indirectly through staff and investments in technology.

  • Increased expertise

    Many service-based IT outsourcing partners have continuous training and development programmes that allow you to take advantage of additional skills you may not have internally. These could include; network, telephony, software support, and web development.

  • Improved business focus

    Organisations that outsource their IT support, consultancy and system maintenance can focus management time on core business issues including business development and growth.

  • Risk

    By utilising an outsourced IT partner, businesses can reduce the risks associated with technology. Outsourced partners typically have industry certifications and standards that aren’t easily achieved inside a business that is not IT focused.

  • Expand resource

    IT support and outsourced technology partners predominantly have more resource available to provide support and consultancy. Rather than a small internal team, an outsourced IT partner could have 10 / 15+ consultants allowing you to expand and contract your support as the business dictates.

  • Efficiency

    Reduce the need for an internal resource to manage day to day IT issues and allow staff to focus on their real job. Your outsourced partner should be able to provide management services as well as transactional frontline services.

  • Agility

    A technology partner should be aware of current technology trends and what is available in the marketplace. Make use of the expertise and embrace new ideas and ways of working. Re-engineering systems and workflow, quickly and efficiently rather than the traditionally time-consuming process.

  • Compliance

    Offload the burden of compliance to an experienced support provider. If chosen correctly they should be aware of Cyber Essentials and ISO standards around data and security management helping you keep tight control of your environment.


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  • Network Equipment

    It is important to keep network equipment up to date, reliable, and in line with current security standards. At our company, you’ll never even notice we are doing this.

  • Data Backup

    An essential component of any IT service is data backups. Tested, working backup copies of all your data. Backups are what we turn to when disaster strikes.

  • Data Security

    Think of data security as mandatory basic insurance for any business, municipality, or non-profit, big or small. And when you have a data security system in place, We already have a plan for what to do if our hacking safeguards fail.

  • Computer repair

    To keep computers running even longer, we do many behind-the-scenes computer maintenances and repair our clients remotely.

  • Servicedesk

    Our 24 x 7 x 365 remote managed service desk enables you to outsource all your IT issues. Our dedicated team will manage any incidents, service requests, and all communication with your users.

  • eMail

    The foundation of all work communication for many of us, email is of utmost importance. We must keep accounts secure, store email data as needed, make sure the software is working smoothly, add or restrict email access.



We listen to your problem, and together with you–our valued customer, we will develop and deliver the solution based on the situation. Using the design thinking approach, we will be developing the solution with you instead of for you.

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We are honored to serve some of the finest companies in their IT needs. Among our customers, you will find recognizable worldwide firms as well as reputable local companies. Here are just a few.

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  • Quick response

    We do realize that time is a high-value asset for your business, and we will support you to minimize the IT service disruption risks timely.

  • Experienced

    We are supported by experienced team members in a wide spectrum of technologies, industries, and application types.

  • No geek speak

    You deserve to have your questions answered clearly in the designated language. Our support team will clearly explain what is happening so you understand.

  • Customer oriented

    We find product for our customers, instead of find customers for our product.

  • One Stop Shop

    Sit back, and let us handle all of your IT needs, from top-to-toe. Including software, hardware and related technology.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Our Guarantee is simple: We will do whatever it takes to make you happy. No hassles, no problems.

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