Growing a social media presence is challenging, but many K-Beauty brands have successfully won over an enormous number of followers in the digital space. As the representative of one of the K-Beauty brands, Sulwhasoo Indonesia sought relevant, in-depth, and useful professional support to win over the digital market share in Indonesia.

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Branding is one of the most critical aspects of marketing. With so many messages tossed in consumers’ faces day after day, it’s crucial to create a recognizable, relevant brand. Without consistent branding, your business becomes just another faceless name in a sea of ads.

How do you develop a strong brand? By paying attention to the details. Everything from font and colors to voice and style affects the way your business is perceived. Keep these factors the same across all platforms and in all messages, and you’re well on your way.

Regarding attracting the right visitors, many businesses don’t fully know who their target audience is. It is where buyer personas come in handy.
Buyer personas are essential in the digital marketing world. They are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customers. You use real data about your existing customers and market research to develop and build your buyer personas fully.


Digital marketing has become a powerful growth driver; it interacts with every aspect of the business, drives gains at both ends of the sales funnel, and provides undeniable business value. But new technologies and tactics vary in use and impact, creating new challenges for modern marketing and sales leaders.

While businesses are often able to implement digital marketing practices within a single business unit, channel, or use case, the reality is that 54% of marketers find that scaling innovation across the organization is one of their top challenges.

Design, piloting, and scaling digital marketing that moves the needle is crucial. The added challenge is doing so while growing technical capabilities, embedding new skills, and creating new behaviors across the organization.

Companies need the right experts, best practices, agile methods, and digital playbooks to meet their objectives and deliver higher marketing ROI.

While today’s customers demand to be recognized across their digital interactions and expect a cohesive, positive experience at every digital touchpoint, only 33% of survey participants consider creating and delivering personalized content their top challenge. It’s a matter of their digital maturity, not importance.

Many don’t realize that tailoring content, customizing for user-profiles, and correct personalization has become more achievable because of new data sources and martech tools. We can deploy personalization schemes based on multi-factor customer segments in B2B and B2B2C with practical guidance.

We are working closely with the Sulwhasoo Indonesia marketing team to develop and implement an advertising strategy focused on increasing online and event sales, improving brand awareness for the segmented and localized potential customer.


Generating traffic and leads comes from having excellent content. But also the result of the right digital marketing strategy.

Nusantara I / C / T has successfully helped Sulwhasoo Indonesia to achieve its month-to-month digital advertising target.